Carpathia-Photo-Restoration-Letter-Carpathia’s experience in the field of photography dates back to 1986, well before the era of digital imaging. Our experience with computer graphics dates back to 1985, starting with a basic painting program on a Macintosh computer. This background offers a unique perspective into both the world of photography and computer graphics, while presenting a wonderful opportunity to bridge the two forms of art. Our approach towards photographic restoration comes from an artistic as well as a technical background. An understanding of elements such as facial structure and anatomy, color and lighting, composition and balance, provide a more creative method, rather than a basic mechanical approach.

Carpathia provides individualized customer service restoring your memories with care and precision, handling your photos as if they were straight out of our own family album.

Our photographs capture moments in time; precious mementos of family and friends from times past. Let us assist you in preserving them for future as well as present generations.

Time and environmental conditions can exact a devastating toll upon your cherished memories. Fading, cracks, tears, sun and water damage, mold, even acid in the paper and mats used for displaying your photos can cause permanent damage. With digital restoration, your images may be returned to their original color and clarity, saving copies which are rendered impervious to further deterioration.

Las Vegas Photo Restoration Service Shows The First Known Photograph

Las Vegas Photo Restoration Service Shows The First Known Photograph

Often times while restoring an image, details emerge which previously may have gone unnoticed, sparking renewed interest in our own history. Glimpses into the faces of those gone by, can offer a connection into our own lives, almost as if they were speaking to us from the past.

Transferring your images to a digital format provides benefits aside from the preservation aspect. It offers convenient access to organize and review your photographs, share them over the internet, print them or burn them to a disc. Displaying these images for others may even assist in filling gaps of family history, perhaps re-connecting loved ones long separated by distance and time.

Slides and negatives are rapidly joining the ranks of obsolete technology. This, however does not mean they must go the way of Beta-Max , 8 Track tapes or the buggy whip! These images too, may be rejuvenated and saved before time renders them irretrievable.