What is your pricing?

Great Question, and the answer is, it depends. However, we have created this pricing sheet that will help guide you through our basic pricing. Please understand that as with anything, pricing is required to reflect the more detail and work necessary. All pricing will be discussed with you in advance.

Do you have any experience?

Our Artist has over 25 years of experience. Our in depth knowledge of photography and art in collaboration with the use of the most powerful software available to perform photo restoration work allows us to deliver the best possible products to you.

I have very fragile photos how can I get them into your hands?

We are located in Las Vegas, NV. If you are located in the valley, we would be more than happy to have you drop them off with us or have us come and pick them up. If you are beyond the Las Vegas area, there are some great shipping alternative for fragile goods. Another option is to have the pictures scanned to a digital format. Then, you can use this website to upload the digital files. We will be able to restore your photos just as well as if you send them to us digitally.

What options do I have if I don’t want to mail my original?

If you don’t want to chance your original to the mail, there are a few options. The simplest choice is to scan your image, save it as a jpeg, at least 300 dpi, ( We prefer 600 ), and download it to our website. If you don’t have access to a scanner you can take your original to any office supply depot which offers printing services for scanning. You may even be able to directly download your images to us from these locations. They can then save your image to a disc and in turn, mail the disc to us. If you live close enough, we can arrange to meet for a pick-up or you may come by and drop off your originals. We also have a locking mailbox in which an 8×10 inch print will easily fit.

Will scanning damage or alter my originals?

A single scan will not harm your image. Continued exposure to everyday light can cause more damage to your original print, slide or negative than a single pass of the scanner. All restoration is done within the computer, with no alterations to your original.

Can you guarantee your work?

Of course we offer a 100% money back guarantee for all of our work. We promise to deliver the pictures to you with complete satisfaction or we will continue to work on them until you are satisfied.

Can you restore any image?

As long as the image is not under any copyright restraints, we can work on just about any image, such as documents, maps, artwork, etc. Each restoration job will be assessed on a case by case basis.

How long will the restoration process take?

While every project is unique to us, we give the general answer of approximately 10 days. Ten days is our typical turnaround time, but again each situation will be dependent on the level of repair necessary.

How do I contact Carpathia Photo Restoration?

We have a contact page here on the site. Please contact us at 603-552-7358. Our shipping address is 64 Gowing Rd. Hudson, N.H. 03051

Can you come to my home to scan my images?

Depending on what needs to be done, yes. If you live within the Las Vegas area, for an extra $45.00 per hour, ( 1 hour minimum ), we can come to your home to scan your images. Any actual restoration work must be done in the studio.