Medium Format Photography

I recently fulfilled a lifelong dream and purchased my first medium format film camera; a Mamiya 645 Pro. My wish for the longest time was to own a Hassleblad, however expense and the emergence of digital photography put those hopes on the back burner of a stove I never though I would never use again. However, since film photography is all but obsolete these days, some very nice cameras are now much more affordable. Years before the digital revolution I owned a Mamiya 35mm and to this day, it is my favorite film camera and over the years I’ve taken some really nice photos with it. That being the case, I decided to purchase the Mamiya 645 Pro after seeing some great photographs by others who are still using similar medium format film cameras. I’m anxious for the weather to get a bit better so I can go and try it out. I would eventually like to transition this to digital as well, with a digital back and a film scanner, which I can also use for slide and negative transfers for my Carpathia Photo Restoration services.

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