Photo Preservation

Photo preservation is an important step to preserving your families history and allow photographs taken years ago to endure future generations. On their own, photos will wear down and will eventually deteriorate. The initial process of eliminating the paper aspect of the photograph by electronically scanning it into digital format allows you to be free of the aging acidic photograph paper it was printed on. Now you are free to choose how you would like to distribute the perfectly enhanced image through out your family.

How Are Photos Preserved

The way we preserve a photographic image is through digital preservation. This preservation can be accomplished using all digital media storage types, at Carpathia we allow you to choose which you prefer. We always store a digital back up for your piece of mind and will destroy it upon your consent or recommendation to do so. We choose to take this extra step of backing up our work for you to ensure your family history is safe, if you would like us not to add this feature then please just inform us of that decision.

Preserving Photos To Digital Format Brings Your Family History Alive For Future Generations

Preserving Photos To Digital Format Brings Your Family History Alive For Future Generations

Why Do Photos Deteriorate

There is acid in the photographic paper that causes your image to deteriorate faster than a normal piece of paper, which can truly ruin a photograph in no time at all. There are also environmental concerns on both photographic paper and negatives, with storage conditions and situations out of our control like a fire or natural disaster. Without digital preservation, your images can slowly fade or disappear like a distant memory. There are various ways that we can help with this, and eliminate the possibility of this deterioration. By letting us help you preserve your photos, you can make them last for years to come, without concern of storage, moving or unknown events.

Preservation of Slides & Negatives

Another way of bringing you picture to life and giving it a new digital life is by giving your old outdated slides and negatives a developed preserved life in any digital format you choose. We have the ability to develop your negative or slide into the picture it was always meant to be and then digitally preserve it for you to share with your friends and family. This frees you from the unusable image a negative or slide presents and finally lets you enjoy the memory as it was meant to be shown.

Again, by putting an image into a digital format, you can make sure that it is protected from all environmental conditions such as humidity and UV Rays, as well as all the other harmful things that can hurt your photos.