Photo Restoration

The Before And After Split Of Photo RestorationLike most objects in this world, photographs will wear with age. Fortunately, today’s advanced technology allows us to bring a damaged photograph back to a condition that is reminiscent of its original state. Using the latest technologies and up-to-date methodologies, Carpathia will add life back into your favorite photos so that they can continue to be admired and enjoyed in a revamped state that may even be superior to that of the original.

Before to After of this Family's First Born Child in the United States, this is the History Our Artist Reveres

Before to After of this Family’s First Born Child in the United States, this is the History Our Artist Reveres

There are so many ways that a photo can be adversely affected. Age is the first major factor that affects the quality of a picture. Over the course of long durations of time, paper-type material will naturally begin to break down since they contain many natural ingredients. This break down process cannot be avoided, but it can be slowed down significantly. Age ties in with the other major factor in damaging original photos: environment. Our immediate surroundings play a huge role in how we turn out as individuals. The same thing applies to print photography. All of the elements can do harm to a photo whether it be heat or cold, wet or dry. While proper storage might prevent many of Mother Nature’s attacks on photograph condition, there is never a guarantee that they will stay completely safe from environmental hazards. This is why we offer a solution to a problem that cannot be prevented.

Modern photo restoration involves a variety of digital techniques that work in harmony to enhance and restore a picture. It doesn’t matter if a specific piece is torn or damaged because cutting-edge raster graphics editors can be used to repair and add to a photo that has missing parts to it. Original copies will have any dirt, scratching, and other impurities painstakingly removed, and the image will be digitally enhanced in a variety of ways from sharpness and contrast to color and shadows.