Prints To Digital

So many people own shoebox after shoebox of old photographs that are extremely difficult to sort through and review. Now, you can send them into us at Carphathia, so we can digitally scan them and save them onto a computer or other electronic device. You can save your beloved photographs, while creating a digital memory box that will last a lifetime. Our service to reserve and back-up your original prints here at Carpathia will prove to be priceless to you and your family. Also, please be assured your original photos will be in good hands. They will be carefully handled and returned to you in the condition that they were received in.

Also, you will be given high-quality digital copies of every single picture you submit. Now, sharing and viewing them can be fun and easy. Browse through your extensive collection, one picture at a time with the click of a button. Search for pictures by the name you have given them. You can even share them with friends and family by a simple electronic transfer. Before you send them out to a loved one, you have the option to edit the pictures in a photo-editing program, if you so desire. Then, simply copy the desired photos onto a CD, flash drive, or send them out over email or another electronic transfer method. With Carpathia’s prints-to-digital service, you will be able to review, edit, and transfer your favorite pictures conveniently and easily.