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Carpathia has a passion for history. Our photo restoration skills allow us access to our clients’ individual family genealogy and bring it to life for them. We love to discuss where the pictures come from and where they are going next. The history of a photo lends itself to being the perfect starting point to true restoration. When we perform our art on your pictures, we do it through your eyes and your understanding of the significance of the photo. We know how important the photo and its history is to you, your children and the generations to follow. Read along here in our blog, as we share our stories of family history and success stories of complete historical photo restoration for past, present and generations to come.

Olan Mills portraits

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A shout out and a thank you to Olan Mills Portrait Studios for releasing permission to reproduce one of their U.S. Military portraits from 1985. Here at Carpathia Photo Restoration of New England, we respect the copyrights of professional portrait studios and will not reproduce any work of theirs unless permission is granted, in writing, that we may do so. They were kind enough to so and most studios probably would as well, especially if the image is several years old and no other copies or negatives exist.

Valentines Day Photos

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A couple of years ago for a Valentines Day gift, I found a couple of old Grammar School photographs of my wife and I and scanned them into the computer. After some minor restoration and color correction, I cropped them down to the same size, had new copies printed and put into a double frame. That was probably one of the simplest, yet most memorable gifts I ever came up with. Diamonds may be forever, but a photograph speaks a thousand words. I think Confucius said that.

Dave Moore Caricatures, from Las Vegas to New England

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Dave Moore has worked as a professional caricature artist in Las Vegas Nevada since 1992. He has been fortunate enough to get his start with Fasen Arts Inc., working with some of the most talented artists in the country. His work has included permanent locations at the Excalibur, New York New York, MGM Grand, and The Venetian Hotels, as well as private party commissions at Caesars Palace, The Flamingo, Mandalay Bay, Luxor, The Las Vegas Convention Center and numerous other venues, large and small in the Las Vegas area.
Dave is now located in New England, working out of New Hampshire and available for private parties and commissions throughout the New England area. Please check out the Caricature Drawing page at as well as his photo restoration work. Images will be updated and added on a continuous basis.
Add new level of entertainment to your next birthday party, wedding, Bat/Bah Mitzvah, family reunion, corporate event or any sort of private function.

Save your old negatives

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While sorting through your old boxes of family photographs, be sure to store your slides and negatives in a safe, dry place. These are actually your “originals” and the photos printed from them are secondary images. If you preserve your slides and negatives, these can often be scanned directly into the computer and enhanced to create an image which may be even better than your originally developed copies.

Las Vegas to New England

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Farewell to all of our friends in Las Vegas. While we will miss the desert, we are looking forward to living and working in the New England area. Carpathia will now be servicing the New Hampshire and Massachussetts area, from Boston, to Nashua, Manchester, Concord and beyond.

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This guy reminds me of the Fagin character from David Copperfield.

Photograph of Joanns Mom and Donna

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Some photos are just too precious not to be saved!
This photo of Joanns Mom and Donna is a classic example. Check out Slide and Negative Transfers, under Portfolio to see the original and the restored images.

Welcome to Carpathia

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Welcome to Las Vegas, Carpathia Photo Restoration.

Miss Laura Duval, Restoration

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Miss Laura Duval, Restoration

Miss Laura Duval from a prominent family in the San Francisco area.

Laura Duvall restored image

Laura Duvall restored image

Laura Duvall original image

Laura Duvall original image

Restored Order in The Courtroom

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Restored Order in The Courtroom

This fine gentleman was known as a great attorney in his day. The family likes to tell their children of Great Great Grandfathers quick wit and sharp mind that prevailed in many courtrooms during his career. Many court documents outline that career and it was a special sentiment when the family realized they would be able to put this great restored picture on the cover of their family journal of his life. We were able to remove the darkness and bring him back to a clarity they had only dreamed of. This photo was one of the only remaining photographs the family had of him, so to restore it for them was certainly rewarding for our artist. If you have a family history of old photographs that need to be retouched or restored to there original state, please know that our artist treats each photograph as if it is his family.